Knuzen Tannenbaum

About us

We produce Nordmann Christmas trees.

In the year 2023, we have 100,000 Christmas trees ready for sale. 

Fixed procedures for delivery and logistics ensure that the pallets are ready when the truck has to drive.

An overview of the parcels can be found at https://knuzen.dk/batchs/

Find us at https://knuzen.dk

Property details

Christmas tree

Nordmann fir under 1.5 m, Nordmann fir 1.5- 2.5 m, Nordmann fir above 2.5 m


Freely loaded on truck at vendors estate

Delivery options

Large pallets (10 per truck)

Annual turnover of Christmas trees



Naturbaum Siegel

Our location

Godthåbvej 6, 8766 Nørre Snede

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